100 Percent CT
Connecticut faces critical decisions regarding our energy future, including whether to fund a natural gas pipeline expansion and whether to extend the licenses of nuclear power plants. The PACE 100PercentCT Project presents an alternative to fossil fuel and nuclear energy by facilitating the transition to a clean energy economy. The project develops local, viable plans that move individual towns - and the State of Connecticut - to 100% renewable energy. This project provides clean, carbon free energy and makes our towns both sustainable and resilient.
The 100% renewable energy plan goes beyond generating, procuring or offsetting energy needs with renewables. It represents a holistic, comprehensive approach to managing the supply and demand for energy, including:
  • deep efficiency and conservation,
  • generation of renewable energy,
  • energy storage,
  • electrification of transportation, heating, and cooling,
  • active load management (i.e., "demand response"),
  • a modern community microgrid and
  • a new utility rate structure and business model.
The chart below is the project in a nutshell - benchmarking energy use for the entire town - then reducing the current load by strategic electrification – and procuring renewables locally and regionally.

This chart illustrates the current makeup of one town's energy use and the steps taken to make it renewable

To learn more about the 100PercentCT project, watch the following slide show.

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