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Wind power has come of age
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Advocation clean energy
Showcasing the potential of energy efficiency and clean energy
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Replacing nuclear
Educating consumers about cutting edge technology
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Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson
Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson at The 100% Renewables Forum
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Panel Discussion
The Panel Discussion at The 100% Renewables Forum


  • Groups push to stop state from taking clean energy funds The Day - "We are pursuing the legal case, but legislators could take action right now to halt the damage the raids are doing to Connecticut families and businesses.
  • Connecticut's solar panel industry presses for change in state law it sees as threat to its existence Hartford Courant - Tim Schneider, co-owner of Earthlight Technologies, an Ellington installer of solar panels that employs 69 workers, said if changes are not made to last year's law, 'I'll be laying off half my crew.'
  • Wholesale energy prices on the rise Hartford Business Journal - Prices increased for both electricity and natural gas, with both rising by double-digit percentages. The two are closely linked, as the six-state region relies heavily on natural gas-fired power plants.
  • CT bill would help towns buy their streetlights New Haven Register - If the town [Hamden] bought the lights, it could save close to $700,000, Crowder said, basing her estimates on other towns that have done it in Eversource’s service area. If the town converted to LED lights after taking them over, the savings would be even greater.
  • At New London's State Pier, wind power gives Connecticut its next economic development opportunity Hartford Courant - It's a blessing of geography and timing. New London is perfectly positioned to be the wind power hub in Connecticut, okay?
  • 7.1 MW Community Solar-Plus-Storage Farm Completed In MA Solar Industry - "Community solar offers landowners the opportunity to receive additional revenue by leasing their land for solar. It also opens the benefits of solar to residents who do not own their own home or do not have a roof that works for solar. The subscribers for this project can see up to a 10% savings on their utility bill." Time for CT to get its community solar program up and running.

PACE is leading an exciting project to transition Connecticut to 100% clean, renewable energy, one town at a time.
For over forty years, PACE has held tours of beautiful and innovative homes, showcasing energy efficiency and renewable energy.Learn More...
PACE is very concerned about the health dangers and catastrophic risks posed by nuclear energy and seeks to relplace it with clean, renewable energy.

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