The battery might be the least sexy piece of technology ever invented. The lack of glamour is especially conspicuous on the lower floors of MIT’s materials science department, where one lab devoted to building and testing the next world-changing energy storage device could easily be mistaken for a storage closet...

The smokestacks of the Navajo Generating Station rise 775 feet from the sere landscape of the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona, just three miles away from the serpentine, stagnant blue wound in sandstone known as Lake Powell...

Solar employment now accounts for the largest share of workers in the U.S. power generation field, surpassing coal, gas and oil according to a new report from the U.S. Department of energy (DOE).

Chinese companies plan to spend $1bn building a giant solar farm on land contaminated by the nuclear disaster in Ukraine, reports Climate News Network...

Private-sector efforts help drive decoupling of emissions and economic growth

Donald Trump and the climate deniers and fossil fuel company backers he’s nominated for his cabinet don’t realize it—or refuse to believe it—but the world is starting to pass them by when it comes to developing new sources of power. In the developing world, solar power is becoming the most cost-effective new source of electricity.

There's a sort of time warp going on at Hanover Pond Dam, with ancient technology being installed to produce modern water-powered energy, in a way returning the pond to the purpose it was created for in the 1850s.

Value of Solar
February 25th at 2PM
St. Bridget Church 80 Main Street Manchester CT
Solar Energy Association of Connecticut (SEAC) is holding this seminar, featuring Jamie Howland of Acadia Center and Richard Dziadul of Pemberton Renewables. For more info call (860) 233-5684 or (860) 649-9827 or (860) 489-9555.
The Paul Winter Consort concert
Sunday, February 26th at 5PM - The Church of the Assumption, 61 North Cliff St, Ansonia, CT
The Massaro Community Farm has been farming for 100 years the Woodbridge/Ansonia area. Proceeds from the gala benefit a capital campaign for Massaro to build a pavilion and learning center.
Remember Chornobyl, Three Mile Island and Japan
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