• Reactors release radioactive materials and toxic chemicals into the air and water every day. (Tritium is a known cancer-causing radioactive toxin causing birth defects and genetic damage).
  • Nuclear reactors leak radioactive toxins (i.e. strontium-89 and strontium-90).
  • Nuclear-weapons-usable materials are an inevitable accompaniment of the use of nuclear energy. "Nuclear power powers the bomb."
  • Nuclear power is expensive very heavily subsidized by the U.S. government. The public would be pay ing the majority of costs for new plants and will be paying for waste storage for hundreds of generations.
  • The supply of uranium is limited.
  • Nuclear power is not a wise economic choice. Every dollar spent on energy efficiency is seven times more beneficial than that same dollar spent on nuclear power. Devoting finances to nuclear energy reduces the amount of money that could be devoted to existing climate change solutions - energy efficiency, conservation and renewable technologies. (
  • There is not enough time to build enough reactors to solve the climate change crisis.
  • Radioactivity releases affect all living things. Radioactivity has been found in: prairie dogs (Hanford), frogs (Oak Ridge),mussels and lobsters (Pilgrim reactor), pigeons (Sellafield), and strontium in children's teeth during above-ground weapons testing. (
  • There is no solution to the safe storage of nuclear waste.
  • The entire nuclear fuel cycle uses fossil fuels, thus contributing to global warming (i.e uranium mining, milling, enrichment, construction, transportation and thousands of years of waste storage).
  • Pope Francis warned against the dangers of arrogance in comparing the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant crisis to the biblical Tower of Babel, in a talk held with Japanese bishops in the Vatican. "Mankind can become arrogant and create a society convenient to them, driven by an egotistical motive," Francis told members of the Bishops of Japan on March 20, 2015, according to Takeo Okada, archbishop of Tokyo. "Acts thought to help mankind are ending up destroying themselves."
  • Educate others about the dangers of nuclear energy. Use "Letters to the Editor". (PACE will help you.)
  • Reduce the demand for fossil fuels.
    • sign up for the CTCLEANENERGYOPTIONS program through UI or CL&P. (
    • insulate your home; get an energy audit
    • use compact fluorescent lights (dispose of as household hazardous waste).
    • use public transport, carpool, an energy-efficient vehicle, a bike and/or your feet!
    • lower your home water heating temperature; install an automatic timer.
    • wash your clothes with cold water.
    • insulate your water heater and pipes.
    • consider eating locally-grown food or food that is grown closer to the U.S.
    • consider planting a garden.
    • consider eating less meat and more vegetables.
    • consider a green roof for your office or home (
    • consider, if appropriate and practical, remodeling your home or building an energy-efficient house. (
    • purchase Dr. Helen Caldicott~@~Ys recent book Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer (New Press).
    • learn about significant tax credits on energy-efficient products ( or
    • get more help:
      • American Solar Inc.;
      • Cansolair Inc.;
      • ClearDome Solar Thermal;
      • Hotbox Solar;
      • SolarWall (Conserval Engineering);
      • Solar Window Heaters;
      • Your Solar Home Inc.;
      • Home- and business-owners can also use the website to find financial incentives, cost and savings estimators for all types of solar energy systems, local solar professionals and other tools.

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