Working for Renewable, Sustainable, Responsible Energy Development & Management

PACE is a public health and environmental all-volunteer organization formed in 1973 by a group of concerned Connecticut citizens to:
  • promote the development of alternative sources of energy, especially passive solar, solar hot water, and photovoltaic energy
  • encourage the efficient use of energy
  • develop a spirit of conservation among Connecticut residents
  • challenge Connecticut's commitment to nuclear power and nuclear weapons
PACE is the largest all volunteer organization in the state that is working on these issues and is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

"The minimum morality of man is to leave the genepool of humanity intact."

John Scott Francis
Scottish Council of Churches


  • won an energy innovation award from the State of Connecticut in 1984
  • was selected as the subject of a Ph.D. study of the "Nine Most Interesting Environmental Organizations in Connecticut" in 1984
  • has helped thousands of people all over the state revise their construction priorities through educational outreach. Solar homes and energy-conserving buildings have proliferated because of knowledge gained on the solar house tours, held since 1976.
  • was instrumental in initiating publication of The Connecticut Consumer's Guide to Solar Home Building and Remodeling from the Energy Division of the Office of Policy Development
  • held a "Remember Chernobyl" photography show and an exhibit of conservation, energy efficiency, and benign energy technologies at the Old State House in Hartford in 1990
  • joined the Hartford Ukrainian community to form a coalition to raise funds for The Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund, Inc.
  • assists with the Connecticut portion of the Tour de Sol sponsored by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)
  • sponsors alternate energy tours. Over the years, more than 10,000 people have attended these tours and seen firsthand how alternative energy is being put to work right here in Connecticut.
  • monitors legislative voting on energy issues
  • presents annual environmental energy awards to legislators and state and national leaders
  • distributes regular newsletters
  • sponsors environmental exhibitions, meetings and trips on solar, anti-nuclear, and conservation topics
  • provides literature and maintains a loan library of audio-visual materials for individuals as well as for church, school and civic groups
  • works closely with state-wide media
  • informs the public about current nuclear safety and cost problems
  • provides information to legislators on energy issues in Connecticut
  • encourages a healthy lifestyle in which energy use is minimized
  • works with the Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, the New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, Critical Mass, the Energy Conservation Coalition, CONNECT, COW, Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Greater Hartford Aid to Ukraine, ConnPIRG, The Connecticut Fund for the Environment, EarthVoice, The Connecticut Conservation Association, Citizens' Awareness Network (CAN), the Nuclear Information Resource Service, Don't Waste Connecticut, American Friends Service Committee, and the Citizen's Regulatory Commission.
  • cooperates with Eversource on environmentally sound programs
  • is "paired" with "Zeleny Svit" (Green World), the largest environmental organization in Ukraine
  • received awards from the Tufts Lincoln-Filene Environmental Center, The New London Day, and the Department of the Interior (Take Pride in America) in 1992.

"The bottom line is that given the present level of safety being achieved by the operating nuclear power plants in this country, we can expect to see a core meltdown accident within the next 20 years and it is possible that such an accident could result in off-site releases of radiation which are as large, or larger than, the releases estimated to have occurred at Chernobyl."

NRC Commissioner James K. Asseltine
(in testimony before the U. S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce, May 1986)


Everett BarberSunsearch
Christie BrinkleyModel/Activist
William Burch, Ph.D.Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Joel GordesEnvironmental Energy Solutions
Paul GunterNuclear Information Resource Service
Denis HayesChairman-Earth Day Network
Winona HauterPublic Citizen
Nancy HazardNortheast Sustainable Energy Association
Michio Kaku, Ph.D.Nuclear Physics, CUNY
Alex KuzmaChildren of Chornobyl Relief Fund
Charles Prewitt, Ph.Ed.D.Chemistry, ECSC
Jim RiccioGreenpeace
Edward Sarisley, Ph.D.Construction Engineering, CCSU
Steven StrongSolar Design Associates

Lifetime Achievement Awards

CT Energy Co-op Ambassador Yuri Shcherbak
Dr. Helen Caldicott STAR Foundation
Earth Charter: CT Energy Heroes Marilyn & Steven Strong
Denis Hayes Harvey Wasserman
Michio Kaku, Ph.D. Don Watson, AIA
Amory Lovins Paul Winter
Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS)Eric Epstein of Three Mile Island Alert
The Staff of Beyond Nuclear


Mike ArezziniPam McDonald
Barbara BackmanSusan Olson
Dave CappelloKen Owen
Nancy CebikMatt Poltorak
Nevin ChristensenDoug Rick
Albert GrantJohn Rountree
Donna GrantTom Sevigny
Marianne HornMark Scully
Peter MarkowCarrie Sinish
Sharon Vocke

Remember Chornobyl, Three Mile Island and Japan
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