Researchers have proposed three different methods for providing consistent power in 139 countries using 100 percent renewable energy.

When Elon Musk offered to build what would be the largest grid storage battery installation in the world in South Australia last year, he set off a chain of events that may have implications for the entire world. In a show of typical Muskian over-the-top bravado,

Last year, the Swedish electric vehicle startup Uniti successfully raised about $1.5 million in equity crowdfunding to help bring its minimalist city car, which it called "the most deliberate reinvention of the automobile in modern times," closer to production.

Electrification isn't all-or-nothing. A new Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Siemens partnership aims to start with one engine.

Back in March we wrote that Tesla will kill the duck in Australia in 100 days or it's free. Elon Musk promised to deliver a 100 MW lithium battery system that would shave off the peaks of demand...

A new solar+storage project provides vital resiliency and economic benefits to the town of Sterling, Massachusetts.

It was a transaction concocted on Twitter — and in a few short weeks, declared official: Tesla is helping to bring power back to Puerto Rico.

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