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Wind power has come of age
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Advocation clean energy
Showcasing the potential of energy efficiency and clean energy
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Replacing nuclear
Educating consumers about cutting edge technology
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Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson
Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson at The 100% Renewables Forum
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Panel Discussion
The Panel Discussion at The 100% Renewables Forum


  • A strong bipartisan vote for wind power in CT CT Mirror - If passed and signed into law as expected, [the Commissioner of DEEP] would be required within 14 days to begin the process of soliciting bids from wind power products for as much as 2,000 megawatts, the output of Millstone.
  • End of Net Metering Leaves Future of Solar in Connecticut Unclear NBC CT - Tim Schneider favors a proposal in the Connecticut General Assembly that would delay the phase out until 2021, and would conduct a study to determine how much residential solar power would be too much until Connecticut consumers are adversely affected.
  • End auto-renewed third party electric contracts CT Mirror - According to an analysis by the Office of the Consumer Counsel, Elin Katz, over the past three years ratepayers using third-party suppliers versus the standard offer supply have spent over $200 million more.
  • How to Switch to Renewable, Sustainable Energy in Connecticut NBC CT - 'The best power, the cheapest power and the power which doesn't cause any pollution is the power we never use,' Klein said.
  • Ex-Coal Plant Site Chosen for Mass. OSW Hub RTO Insider - ...Anbaric is 'open to working with any and all' OSW generators, including those off of Rhode Island and Connecticut.

PACE is leading an exciting project to transition Connecticut to 100% clean, renewable energy, one town at a time.
For over forty years, PACE has held tours of beautiful and innovative homes, showcasing energy efficiency and renewable energy.Learn More...
PACE is very concerned about the health dangers and catastrophic risks posed by nuclear energy and seeks to relplace it with clean, renewable energy.

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