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Wind power has come of age
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Advocation clean energy
Showcasing the potential of energy efficiency and clean energy
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Replacing nuclear
Educating consumers about cutting edge technology
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Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson
Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson at The 100% Renewables Forum
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Panel Discussion
The Panel Discussion at The 100% Renewables Forum


  • Lamont talks energy during tour of NEAP Hartford Courant - We pay a lot of lip service to saving energy, and for the last number of years, we haven't provided energy efficiency funding, which is key to our commitment going forward...We changed that in this current budget. We fully put back all the money.
  • As CCAs take over utility customers, local generation emerges as the next big growth driver Utility Dive - Inspired by these states' rapid growth, aggregation proponents are actively working toward enabling legislation in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Oregon, and regulation in Arizona,...Pennsylvania and Connecticut are most likely because they are deregulated markets and only need aggregation enabling statutes.
  • Green Bank announces a milestone for Connecticut efficiency initiative Smart Energy International - Connecticut Green Bank Multifamily Housing Programme has provided funding to more than 100 multifamily properties, implementing energy efficiency retrofits. The Connecticut Green Bank has provided up to $34 million in funding and technical assistance since its inception in 2014.
  • Survey finds sunny outlook for CT electric vehicle sales Hartford Business Journal - Of the 261 Connecticut residents surveyed by West Monroe, 9 percent said it was "extremely likely" and 36 percent said it was "somewhat likely" that their next car purchase or lease would be an electric vehicle.
  • Farrel Pomini decreases carbon footprint with large scale solar installation CT Post - As a corporate citizen, we definitively feel that we have an obligation to do the things we can to help the environment...At the same time, the economics make a lot of sense with the federal tax credit and the utility companies providing some financial assistance as well.
  • Developer Breaks Ground On New Energy Efficient Data Hub CT News Junkie - The waste energy from the fuel cells will then be used to help power a four-acre hydroponic vegetable farm nearby. The company will...turn the heat into electricity with their Organic Rankine Cycle engine.
  • The Killingly natural gas plant will be a step backwards for the climate Hartford Courant - Gov. Ned Lamont and Commissioner Dykes, please look at the big picture and put both climate and common sense first by overriding the council's approval of this Killingly plant.
  • ISO New England responds to Connecticut's clean energy policies Hartford Courant - For years, ISO New England has said that putting a price on carbon would be the most efficient way to reduce GHG emissions on the power system, but, to this point, the New England states and other stakeholders have not pursued this option.
  • Funding raid hits CT's energy efficiency standing Hartford Business Journal - As predicted, much of the reason for the decrease had to do with lawmakers in 2017 opting to raid approximately $117 million from a pot of money funded by a charge on ratepayer utility bills and intended to pay for energy efficiency programs.
  • State Pier Operator Boosts Connecticut Port Authority Plans for New London CT Examiner - ...accommodating the wind turbines - each the height of the Chrysler Building City - as well as the outer casings of the towers, called nacelles, State Pier needs to be renovated and reconfigured from its two "finger" wharfs to one long quay that can accommodate much larger ships.
  • Offshore wind farm proposals hit the desk of CT regulators CT Post - The proposed bids include plans for a required 400-megawatt project and options that would generate 800 megawatts, 1000 megawatts and 1200 megawatts. The wind farms would be constructed in one of two, federally designated lease areas south of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.
  • Ameresco, Clean Energy Collective complete Connecticut's first community solar project Solar Builder - By tapping into its new source of renewable energy, the Bloomfield Board of Education, along with households and businesses in the surrounding area, will benefit from reduced energy costs and an overall lower carbon footprint.

PACE is leading an exciting project to transition Connecticut to 100% clean, renewable energy, one town at a time.
For over forty years, PACE has held tours of beautiful and innovative homes, showcasing energy efficiency and renewable energy.Learn More...
PACE is very concerned about the health dangers and catastrophic risks posed by nuclear energy and seeks to relplace it with clean, renewable energy.

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