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Wind power has come of age
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Advocation clean energy
Showcasing the potential of energy efficiency and clean energy
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Replacing nuclear
Educating consumers about cutting edge technology
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Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson
Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson at The 100% Renewables Forum
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Panel Discussion
The Panel Discussion at The 100% Renewables Forum


  • MDC to decommission hydropower facility Hartford Business Journal - ...the 1988 turbines are nearing the end of their operational life and require major maintenance, MDC wrote this week to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which licenses the facility.
  • Environmentalists clash with Lamont as natural gas plant set for Killingly tests Connecticut’s promise to address climate change Hartford Courant - I'm concerned we're the only state in the region that continues to expand natural gas knowing that methane is the chief component of natural gas, the most destructive greenhouse gas we have.
  • Connecticut League of Conservation Voters Sets an Environmental Agenda in Hartford CT Examiner - We just saw the quorum on Tuesday about zero carbon in 2040, and yet a couple weeks ago they just approved the Killingly frack gas power plant which would be operational past 2040.
  • Connecticut 100% carbon-free plan is chance to move beyond ISO-NE gas focus: DEEP chief Utility Dive - But market observers say clean energy resources in some regions do not have an even playing field, and the rising prominence of renewables coupled with aggressive state policies to reduce emissions creates a tension between states and their regional grid operators over what resources best meet states' energy needs. Particularly the eastern RTOs and ISO are set up in such a way that natural gas is sort of the 'go to' for new generation.
  • Connecticut, Rhode Island vie for roles in emerging offshore wind industry Energy News Network - The dueling declarations about each state's rightful place as the center of all things offshore wind show how competition is heating up for the thousands of jobs that will support the industry. While each state hopes to be the leader, experts say the economic opportunity around offshore wind in the Northeast is big enough that both should be able to succeed in the industry.
  • Southern N.E.'s Fossil-Fuel Infrastructure Builds Up eco RInews - The debate over expanding pipelines and related equipment occurs nearly every winter following cold spells that increase demand for the natural gas flowing through Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.
  • Offshore wind means real jobs, growth for Thames River Hartford Business Journal - As more states move forward on their commitments to renewable energy there will be increasing opportunities for offshore wind development, which means more activity at State Pier and greater incentives for offshore wind suppliers and manufacturers to come to southeastern Connecticut and put down roots.
  • Plainfield school board facing solar panel dilemma The Bulletin - "With the end of school summer vacation looming, the Board of Education is meeting Wednesday to discuss what to do about an uncompleted project to install solar panels on the roofs of three schools.
  • New Hampshire Law Expands Municipal Aggregation, Paving Way for More Clean Energy EnerKnol - Municipal aggregation allows purchases of electricity in bulk on behalf of the residents and businesses within the community...Municipalities can also operate energy efficiency and clean energy districts adopted with the approval of their governing body.

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