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Wind power has come of age
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Advocation clean energy
Showcasing the potential of energy efficiency and clean energy
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Replacing nuclear
Educating consumers about cutting edge technology
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Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson
Mark Scully and Mark Jacobson at The 100% Renewables Forum
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Panel Discussion
The Panel Discussion at The 100% Renewables Forum


  • Offshore Wind Makes Big Moves Across the Northeast Region Acadia Center - Together, the Northeast states' ambitious targets for offshore wind development could generate enough electricity to satisfy a quarter of the region's total electricity needs.
  • Enfield council agrees to solar energy agreement Journal Inquirer - The town is considering entering into a [virtual net metering] contract with a solar power company to purchase discounted energy that is projected to save the town $1.6 million over the next two decades.
  • Candlewood Solar asks New Milford to cooperate Newstimes - Representatives from Candlewood Solar are asking for the town’s cooperation with the controversial 20-megawatt solar project set to be built on Candlewood Mountain.
  • Gasoline taxes on the rise - but not in Connecticut Middletown Press - The transition to electric vehicles and hybrids obviously is something that seems to be gathering force, but the real question is how quickly are we going to make that transition? ...We still have a huge inventory of gasoline and diesel-consuming cars and trucks that is not going to instantly disappear.

PACE is leading an exciting project to transition Connecticut to 100% clean, renewable energy, one town at a time.
For over forty years, PACE has held tours of beautiful and innovative homes, showcasing energy efficiency and renewable energy.Learn More...
PACE is very concerned about the health dangers and catastrophic risks posed by nuclear energy and seeks to relplace it with clean, renewable energy.

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